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Dear community,

I have layered some maps on QGIS. From the graph panel, I can choose which map to display. The first map is a map of Mexico, the second one is a map of Tamaulipas (a state in Mexico) and the third map is a municipality of that state which is further subdivided. The first map shown is the whole country with the states, it is shown with an acceptable zoom. When I click in the graph panel to see the state map, the zoom is not enough and the map looks very small, even worst is when clicking to see the municipality.

I grouped the states into the Country map and the municipalities in the State map in the map regions tab of the Stat Planet Data editor, and there I modified the zoom to see the municipalities bigger. Is there any way to display bigger the map of the state (with a larger zoom) when clicking on the graph panel to see it? It just gets bigger when I click on the country/region selection panel to select a municipality, but not when first displaying the map by clicking on the graph panel.

Other thing, I'm trying to set linking lines to the text labels on my third layer (municipality). I do exactly as the manual indicates but the lines do not appear. I arrange the labels across the screen, copy coordinates and paste them on TXT COORD. Then I type in the name of the areas (as they appear on the "Data" tab, separated by a space) I want to be linked in the cell REGION L and nothing appears. Any ideas why?

Also when trying to display an image in the description of an indicator (page 38 of user manual) I type in the description column: pw=[200] ph=[200] s=[Turbina eolica ], everything works (size, description), but the image is not displayed. I don't know if what I type under "image source" may be incorrect?

Last, one question is it possible somehow to display one image for each feature, without having an indicator for it? (e.g. by putting the mouse over it, as a pop-up?)

Sorry for the long post...

Thanks again for your help.


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Dear Fernando,

Regarding the zoom issue. You can set zoom levels for a specific region as explained here in the user guide: http://www.statsilk.com/files/resources/User_Guide_StatPlanet.htm#_Toc35...

It is possible to automatically switch to particular region when going to a specific category (and at the same time go to the specified zoom level as explained in the link above). To do so, in the row of the category name, column OPTIONS, put the region name in the form: r=[region name] as explained here in the user guide: http://www.statsilk.com/files/resources/User_Guide_StatPlanet.htm#_Toc35...

For images in the description, the width and height needs to be specified - see also the specific instructions for images here": http://www.statsilk.com/files/resources/User_Guide_StatPlanet.htm#_Toc35...

For the map lines - sorry this is not currently supported in the 'shapefile map' edition, I will look into have it included in the next version.

Regarding 'without having an indicator for it' - you always need to have an indicator, but it can just be an 'empty' indicator (with a name only but no data) and still have the mouse-over popups.

I hope that helps,