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Adobe Flash Player 9 ( and Adobe Flash Player 10.1 in IE

Hi Sir,
We would like to buy the statplanet , so we are investigating at the moment..We need your clarifications on the below issues.
We installed  Adobe Flash Player 9 ( and tested the statplanet in IE, and it does not work ,
We checked again with installing Adobe Flash Player 10.1 in IE and it does not work ,
It worked when installed Adobe Flash Player 11.01.
But in Firefox it worked with the older versions from Adobe Flash Player 9 (
Please let me know what is the problem here?
Thanks & Regards,

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Hi Dewi,
Sorry to hear about this issue. If you are running StatPlanet.html offline, then it may not work in Internet Explorer due to IE security restrictions. To bypass this issue, you can use the file 'StatPlanet_IE_security_bypass.html' which is also included in the folder web.
When the files are online, you should not have this issue, and you can use the regular StatPlanet.html.
I hope this resolves the issue. StatPlanet requires Flash Player 9.0 as a minimum.