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Adobe after Dec 2020

what will happen to Statplanet desktop after the stop support to adobe acrobat?

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Hi Mazin,

StatPlanet Desktop is unaffected by the end of Flash, because Flash player is built into the application itself and it doesn't rely on (i) web-browser support, or (ii) external Flash plugin.

Having tested it just now, it still runs fine in spite of the end of life for Flash. This will not change for the foreseeable future, unless a future version of Windows might prevent the running of offline flash executables.

So far, it seems to be unaffected and hopefully will remain so for the foreseeable future.

And the web version migrated away from Flash to JavaScript a few years ago, so fortunately that is also unaffected.

hello, I have a problem related to this, recently I downloaded Statplanet desktop and when it runs it asks to update flash player 9 or above ..? thank you sorry my english...

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Is that the PC version from https://www.statsilk.com/downloads? Which folder / version of StatPlanet is it? Thanks for providing these additional details.