Icon category listThis index lists over 400 interactive world maps covering areas such as health, education, drugs & crime, economy, environment, gender and population for all countries. See also the data sources.




Most popular interactive maps

  1. USA county maps - crime, demographic and health
  2. World language distribution map - official or first language
  3. University rankings map - Where are the world's top universities?
  4. World alcohol consumption per capita
  5. World life expectancy map - total, female and male
  6. Reading, math and science scores for 69 countries - Programme for International Student Assessment (OECD/PISA)
  7. Quality of living - world's most liveable cities map
  8. Human development index (HDI)
  9. GDP based on PPP per capita
  10. Population
  11. Fertility rate, total (births per woman)
  12. Time animation of ebola deaths in West Africa and DR Congo, interactive map

Sports interactive maps:

  1. FIFA football rankings map | ELO ranking alternative
  2. Chess country and player rankings map (FIDE)
  3. Olympic all-time medal count map
  4. 2014 Winter Olympics Medals Map (Sochi)
  5. 2012 London Summer Olympics medals map

Most Popular Interactive Visualizations 

  1. Anime rankings by genre - Discover the top anime by rating, popularity and genre. Combine genres through the top menu and the genre drop-down in the top-right corner.
  2. Top US baby names - Explore historical trends for the top US baby names, by male and female.
  3. World trends - A visualization of world statistical trends for a wide range of topics.


Digital Divide & ICT

    >Mobile and Telephone

    >Internet subscribers

    Drugs & Crime


      >Homicide rates

      >Thefts and robbery

      Economy & Development



        >GDP and GDP growth


        >Human Development Index (HDI)


        >Poverty and Aid

        >Research and Development




          >Education system


          >Gender equity

          >School life expectancy

          >Progression rates

            >>Repetition rates

            >>Survival rates

            >>Transition rates


            >Tertiary Education Enrolment

            >Tertiary Education Fields

            >Quality of Education - All international studies

            >Quality of Education - OECD (15 year olds)

              >>Computers at home

              >>Pupil Achievement Reading, Math, Science

              >>Socio-Economic Indicators

              >Quality of Education - South & East Africa (Grade 6)

                >>Pupil Achievement Math & Reading

                >>Pupil Achievement Math Levels

                >>Pupil Achievement Reading Levels

                >>Pupil Achievement - Rural / Urban

                >>Pupil Characteristics

                >>Pupil Language

                >>Pupil Socio-Economic Indicators

                >>Pupil Textbook Ownership

                >>School Conditions

                >>School Resources

                >>Teacher Achievement

                >Quality of Education - Latin America (Grades 3 & 6)

                  >>Pupil Achievement Grade 3 - Math

                  >>Pupil Achievement Grade 3 - Reading

                  >>Pupil Achievement Grade 6 - Math

                  >>Pupil Achievement Grade 6 - Reading

                  >>Pupil Achievement Grade 6 - Science

                  >Quality of education - TIMSS


                    >Carbon dioxide emissions

                    >Electricity and energy use

                    >Elevation extremes

                    >Energy sources

                    >Forest area

                    >Waste (OECD)


                      >Gender empowerment

                      >Occupation and Income


                        >Alcohol consumption

                        >Causes of deaths among children under 5 years

                        >Children low birthweight & undernutrition

                        >Expenditure on Health

                        >HIV and AIDS

                        >Immunization of one-year-olds

                        >Mortality rates

                        >Road safety and transportation

                        >Tobacco policies

                        >Tobacco usage among adults

                        >Water and Sanitation


                          >Language distribution

                          >Language diversity



                              >>African Union member states


                                >>European Union member states

                                >>Growth of the European Union


                                  >>Democracy Index

                                  >>Commonwealth of Nations


                                  >>OECD member states

                                  >>System of government


                                    >Life expectancy


                                    >Population - Age