The StatPlanet software can visualize country-level data through interactive world maps and interactive graphs. The desktop version of StatPlanet is free for non-commercial use. Data can be imported within minutes using the included Excel-based Data Editor. Virtually all variations of country names and codes are recognized. A demo of StatPlanet - world map edition - is shown below.

For a demo, see StatWorld (dozens of indicators from CO2 emissions to University rankings), or one of the featured client implementations which also include sub-national interactive maps. You may also wish to try out an older version of StatPlanet, which won the World Bank's Apps for Development competition and visualizes 7000+ indicators: StatPlanet World Bank

Regional maps: Create maps for specific world regions using any of the predefined regions, such as Sub-Saharan Africa or South Asia, or custom-define your own regions through the 'Map regions' Excel sheet. For detailed instructions, please see the User Guide.

More maps: To download maps at other administrative levels, such as country, regional or district maps, you would need to download the corresponding shapefile map. See download free shapefile maps for more information.