The StatPlanet software (free for non-commercial, desktop use) can visualize country-level data through interactive world maps and interactive graphs. Data can be imported within minutes using the included Excel-based Data Editor. Virtually all variations of country names and codes are recognized. A demo of StatPlanet - world map edition - is shown below.

For a demo, see StatWorld (hundreds of indicators from Alcohol Consumption to Unemployment), the World Bank Apps for Development winner StatPlanet World Bank, or one of the featured client implementations which also include sub-national interactive maps.

Regional maps: Create maps for specific world regions using any of the predefined regions, such as Sub-Saharan Africa or South Asia, or custom-define your own regions through the 'Map regions' Excel sheet. For detailed instructions, please see the User Guide.

More maps: To download maps at other administrative levels, such as country, regional or district maps, you would need to download the corresponding shapefile map. See download free shapefile maps for more information.