This tutorial guides you through the process of creating interactive map points for any kind of feature (such as a city or landmark), based on a set of latitude/longitude coordinates.
Step 2: Follow the Getting Started guide to set up the software, skipping Step 1 and Step 3 of this guide.
Step 3: If you do not have latitude / longitude coordinates for your map points, the following links may be helpful:

Step 4: In the location where StatPlanet was extracted, find the Excel template: "lat-longitude_example_for_import.xlsx". The list of map coordinates would need to be copied into this template. If you used Option 1 above, you can automatically insert the coordinates as follows: (i) copy the list of coordinates into Notepad; (ii) Save the file as "coordinates.csv"; (iii) Open it in Excel, and it should open in two columns. It can now be directly copied and pasted into the template.

Step 5: Open the StatPlanet Data Editor, and go to the sheet "Settings". Then select the button "Import lat/long coordinates" (at the top). The new map points should appear in the sheet ‘Import’, in the last columns in this sheet. You can now add or import data for these map points.

Step 6: View the results by running StatPlanet.html from the "web" folder.