Follow these steps to convert a Shapefile map into a GeoJSON map:

  1. Create a ZIP of your map files. The three files required have the extension .shp, .dbf and .shx.
    • If using Windows, hold CTRL to select the three files, right click on any of the files and from the menu select "Send to" - and then -> "Compressed (zipped) folder".
      Name the file "".
  2. Go to, then select ‘Choose file’ in the top-left corner. Browse to and select the zipped folder you just created ("").
  3. Press the blue button "CONVERT TO GEOJSON’". The contents of the GeoJSON map will be displayed.
  4. To save it, press CTRL + S (or, depending on the browser used, select File -> Save as). Browse to where you wish to save your map, and save the file as "map.json".