One and a half years ago we released StatPlanet Cloud, the new iteration of our award-winning StatPlanet product. It was designed from the ground-up to be mobile compatible, with a drag-and-drop interface to easily build your own dashboards.

Today, we are releasing an all new version of StatPlanet Cloud with wide-ranging improvements.

The new StatPlanet adds advanced chart types offering more powerful analysis capabilities:

  • Combined column and line chart, which enables the comparison of any two indicators over time. It supports two different units/ranges, so does not require indicators to have the same unit and similar data ranges.
  • Combined column and mark chart, which enabling the comparison of any two time points, across all map areas or variables.
  • Multiple indicator line chart, which enables you to see trends over time for multiple indicators.

StatPlanet 2.0 also supports SDMX, the new international data standard which enables automated visualization and mapping of many key data sets from OECD, to the EU, to the World Bank and different UN agencies.

The Data Manager has been significantly enhanced, with improved importing and variable / map area recognition. Thanks to optimisations made, it imports data four to five times faster than the previous version.

There are numerous interface improvements, such as an optional help overlay screen. StatPlanet Cloud 2.0 now also supports international character sets out-of-the box (including right-to-left scripts such as Arabic and Urdu).