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Unable to define the color and value of the custom map legend

Dear Frank

I was unsuccessful in creating a map legend with custom colors and values for certain indicators, even though I followed the instructions in the Quick Start Guide of Statplanet Cloud. The legend that appears is only numbers without labels, and the values in each legend category do not follow the value format that I have set.

The arrangement of the legends that I have created is like this:

0=[0x0EA34A][80][Very High (> 80.01)] 1=[0x33FF33][60][High (60.01 - 80)] 2=[0xFFFF00][40][Middle (40.01 - 60)] 3=[0xFF0000][20][Low (20.01 - 40)] 4=[0xAC0000][Very Low (<= 20)]

Please help from you to correct the format of the legend .

Thank you Frank