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Adding multiple data source

Hi Frank,
I have downloaded the upgraded desktop version of StatPlanet Plus for some non-commercial use. I have gone through the user-guide and saw that the format of giving source file link is given there.
But I have more than one excel datasheets and I want to use them as sources for different categories. In which format should I add them in the Statplanet_data_editor file? Should I put the names of the files in the source column at the same row of the category or I need to mention the whole path to get to the file? And should I keep all the source files in the same folder where Statplanet_data_editor is kept?
Thanks and Regards,

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Hi Sankalita,
The source is normally for web-links to the actual data source, so currently only web-links are supported. The files would therefore need to be uploaded online (to any location), and referenced as in the example below:
<a href='http://www.mywebsite.com/mydatafile'>Description</a>
(in the same row as the indicator or category name as you describe).
I hope that helps,