The Benefits and Future of Data Visualization

StatSilk founder Frank van Cappelle recently provided his insights on the benefits of data visualization, as part of an expert interview series.

This article further elaborates on three key trends that are likely to shape the future of data visualization: automation, interactivity, and (VR) storytelling.

StatWorld: A free educational tool for exploring world stats

The desktop version of StatWorld has just been released, a free educational tool through which world statistics can be explored in the form of interactive maps and graphs.

StatWorld can be used to explore hundreds of maps and graphs covering a wide range of topics, including education, environment, economy, health, ICT and language.

Flash to HTML5 - Swiffy, Haxe, Shumway and other conversion tools

There has been much speculation about the future of Flash in the media with the introduction of Flash to HTML5 (and JavaScript) conversion tools, and with Flash support being dropped for mobile browsers. This blog post aims to clarify some of these issues. It compares several tools for converting Flash to HTML5 - including Google's Swiffy, Mozilla's Shumway and Haxe - and their potential to convert Flash content on the web. It also looks at how Flash continues its presence on mobile devices in the forms of apps - and remains a popular platform for mobile app development.

StatPlanet v 3.2 released - tell stories with your data

StatPlanet v 3.2 has just been released - and with it comes an important new interface component - the Story panel. As the name indicates, it can be used to tell stories with your data. The panel can include formatted text and images and has customizable dimensions. It can be customized separately for each indicator and - if required - each time unit as well. Stories can also be displayed as an indicator rollover popup to save screen space. These popups can also include formatted text and pictures (through HTML coding).

StatPlanet is a Katerva Award Finalist

StatPlanet has been named a 2012 Katerva Award Finalist! StatPlanet aims to support non-profit, government, education and research organizations, especially in developing countries, to use their data for evidence-based decision making.

The Katerva Awards shine a global spotlight on the world’s most promising sustainability ideas, identifying the best ideas on the planet for refinement and acceleration toward impact at a global level.

- Frank

StatPlanet 3.0 released

 I am excited to announce the release of StatPlanet 3.0 today. Many of the improvements are the result of your feedback. I would like to thank all of you who have helped improve StatPlanet through your useful e-mails and forum posts.

New website launched

Our new website has just been launched! The company name - StatSilk - reflects the expansion of the product line from StatPlanet to other products, notably StatTrends (formerly Graph Maker) and StatWorld. StatWorld is to become an open data portal with world stats on every topic imaginable. Expect some updates in this area soon!